Agaete gastronomy Top local products of Agaete

Agaete's top local products

Fish and Seafood

The village of Agaete has an old marine tradition and it is very popular to eat fresh fish in the restaurants of the villa. We can find great variety of fresh fish, like the “Vieja”, the “Sama”, sardines, Moray eel, tuna and also we can find limpets, crabs and octopuses. The typical dishes are the fish soup, the fresh fish grilled, the “Vieja”, roasted Sardines, the “Paella Marinera” and limpets with mojo.

Agaete coffee

Agate coffee is unique in Europe for its taste and quality, it is grown in the Agaete Valley it’s cultivated in a traditional way and its production is limited 4000KG / year . According to the experts the coffee of Agaete “It is of great quality. It has a good greenish-yellow color. It smells like green fruit. The resulting drink has a fruity and sweet taste reminiscent of chocolate or licorice. It is low acid.”

Agaete valley oranges

Agaete oranges

The orange crops are also very representative of Agaete, the “Washington Navel” variety is cultivated and is highly valued throughout Gran Canaria. The characteristics are large fruits, thick bark, slightly rough and easy to peel. The taste is nice and balanced. In recent years and due to the success of the product has greatly increased its production.

Cheese and dairy products

The Canary Islands have a rich cheese tradition that is reflected in their great variety of cheeses. Agaete climate and flora have been fundamental since the days of the Aborigines to develop the cheese tradition and have led to a production of cheeses with unique aromas and flavors. Within the municipality there are several artisanal dairies, in some cases of limited production due to their craftsmanship. In most restaurants and shops in the area you can find all these products.

Bazar Frutería La Diana en Agaete, supermarket, fruits, avocado, watermelon, bananas, apples, mango

Tropical fruits

The mild year-round climate and the richness of the land facilitates the cultivation of tropical fruits in the valley, besides coffee and citrus fruits you can find a variety of tropical fruits such as mangoes, papayas, avocados and guavas. The fruit can be found in most restaurants, small shops in the Village.

Where to find them?

You can find these products in the restaurants of Agaete and of course in the tapas bars of Agaete, if you prefer to cook yourself you can find them in most of the supermarkets in Agaete.