Sports What sports can you do in Agaete?

The mild weather conditions of Gran Canaria and its great variety of microclimates make this island a perfect place to practice a variety of outdoor sports, among the most popular we have prepared a selection for you to choose and practice any of them during your time in Agaete.

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Trail Running

Trail running Agaete

Agaete has exceptional conditions for practicing this sport and is known internationally thanks to races such as the Transgrancanaria.


Mountains of Agaete, Tamadaba Natural Park

We are blessed by the Tamadaba Natural Park and all its protected surroundings. It is a real joy to walk through the pine forests of the summit and through the different mountain routes.


Diving in Agaete

Agaete’s seabeds are very rich in marine biodiversity and attract many practitioners of this sport every year.

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Paddle surf​

Paddle surf in Agaete

Puerto de las Nieves is a very quiet area to practice this sport, in the port area you can find paddle surf board rentals.


Snorkeling in Agaete

The crystal clear waters and mild temperatures of Agaete allow snorkeling to be practiced throughout the year.


Cycling in Agaete

Agaete also has space for this sport, the road from the valley to the Sao or the Carretera de la Aldea are favorites for cycling.


Agaete has a small community of bodyboarders who often surf the wave of Las Salinas. It is a shallow wave not suitable for surfboards.

Mountain Bike

Mountain bike in Agaete

There are many tracks to practice mountain biking in Agaete and also get used to organizing races in the town.


Agaete is a fishing village and therefore there has always been contact with the sea, more and more sailing fans stop at Agaete during their voyages.

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