What to see in Agaete, Gran Canaria

Tourist attractions in Agaete Here's a list of the most interesting places in Agaete

Commonly known by the name “Las Salinas”, they are formed by three natural swimming pools connected by underwater tunnels. They are protected from waves specially during the low tide and allows watching some of the marine fauna of the area.

El Puerto de Las Nieves is the seaside area of Agaete. It has a great promenade with restaurants specialized in fresh fish. There’re also some wind protected beaches.

In the valley we can find numerous farms engaged in growing fruit trees and tropical fruits like papaya, mango, avocado, guavas and the delicious and precious coffee of Agaete.

The Tamadaba Natural Park is very well known for its plants and landscape variety. The mountain trails are breathtaking and the sunsets from the pine forests are priceless.

Juncal is a small natural bay that protects the beach from the swell of the area. It is formed by large blocks of rocks and its crystalline and calm waters invite you to the bath.

Maipez is a sacred place that seems hidden by the lava of a volcano, a cemetery with about 700 tombs in large mounds of 8 meters in diameter and 3 meters high, built with volcanic stones.

From the neighborhood of El Risco Agaete and after a walk of about 30 minutes are this series of pools formed by the waterfalls in the mountains of Tamadaba.

The garden was founded in the late nineteenth century. It was originally the garden of the De Armas family. They wanted an exotic plants garden and they gathered more than 100 species from all over the world.

Just 3km away from the center of Agaete is the natural beach of Guayedra. It is strongly recommended walking by the hiking trails to reach it, but there is also a road access if you prefer.

Café de Agaete

10. Agaete Coffee

Visit the farms which grow Agaete coffee. It is unique in Europe for its flavour and quality. It is grown in Agaete Valley and its production is limited because it is grown in a traditional way.

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