Useful information about Agaete

Best Months to Visit

The climate of Agaete is mild throughout the year, and although rainfall is scarce, it usually occurs in February, April, and November, although it’s not usually in the form of heavy storms, and temperatures rarely drop below 16 degrees.

The months with the highest number of local tourists are July and August. At the beginning of August, La Rama festival is celebrated, and it can be difficult to find accommodation during those days. September, May, and June are the quietest months, and the weather is very good, although most tourists prefer to come from October until the end of April, as winter temperatures are very mild, and Agaete is a particularly sunny place.


Agaete is a quiet and safe place, incidents with tourists are rare. The people are friendly and always willing to offer any information you may need.

Getting Around Agaete

If your accommodation is located in the town or in Puerto de las Nieves, you won’t need any kind of transportation as most points of interest can be visited on foot. However, it is recommended to use a car if you want to visit or are staying in other areas such as Valle de Agaete or El Risco, although you can also use the local bus service (guagua).


When traveling to Agaete, it’s important to keep in mind that the local currency is the euro (€ EUR), as the Canary Islands are part of Spain and the European Union. There are several banks and ATMs available in Agaete, which you can check in the following link. While credit cards are widely accepted in local businesses, it’s always recommended to carry some cash for small purchases and unexpected situations.


Spanish is the official language of the Canary Islands, although there are unique local words and a specific way of pronouncing words due to the historical connections between the Canary Islands and South America. Most businesses have English-speaking staff, so communicating in English should not be a problem.