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Agaete's gastronomy

Fish and Seafood

The village of Agaete has an old marine tradition and it is very popular to eat fresh fish in the restaurants of the villa. We can find great variety of fresh fish, like the “Vieja”, the “Sama”, sardines, Moray eel, tuna and also we can find limpets, crabs and octopuses. The typical dishes are the fish soup, the fresh fish grilled, the “Vieja”, roasted Sardines, the “Paella Marinera” and limpets with mojo.

Agaete coffee

Agate coffee is unique in Europe for its taste and quality, it is grown in the Agaete Valley it’s cultivated in a traditional way and its production is limited 4000KG / year . According to the experts the coffee of Agaete “It is of great quality. It has a good greenish-yellow color. It smells like green fruit. The resulting drink has a fruity and sweet taste reminiscent of chocolate or licorice. It is low acid.”

Bazar Frutería La Diana en Agaete, supermarket, fruits, avocado, watermelon, bananas, apples, mango

Tropical fruits

The mild year-round climate and the richness of the land facilitates the cultivation of tropical fruits in the valley, besides coffee and citrus fruits you can find a variety of tropical fruits such as mangoes, papayas, avocados and guavas. The fruit can be found in most restaurants, small shops in the Village.

Where to find them?

You can taste all these delicious flavors in the different restaurants and  bars of Agaete, also in the bakeries and pastry shops. Afterwards you can relax having a coffee or an ice cream and if you prefer to cook at home you can also buy in the different supermarkets that you will find in Agaete.

Gran Canaria Gastronomy & typical dishes

The gastronomy of Gran Canaria combines the power of aboriginals with traditional Spanish recipes influenced by Latin American and African cuisines. It is characterized by simple dishes and based on a range of quality local products like vegetables, fruits and fish.

One of the most popular dishes is small jacked potatoes with mojo sauce and gofio. Which is a toasted corn, wheat or rye flour used to thicken soups or stews. It can also be used in desserts. Wines and cheeses of the island are also very popular. As well as other typical dishes such as Sancocho or Ropa Vieja, desserts like Bienmesabe and spirits as Ron Miel.

Papas arrugadas with mojo sauce

Small boiled potatoes , mojo can be red or green.

Ropa Vieja

Basic Ingredients: chickpeas, potatoes and meat or octopus.


Salted fish based dish.

Gofio escaldado

Cream of roasted corn flour.

Fish soup

Grouper, sama and cherne broths.


The base is almond, egg, sugar and lemon rind.

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