Agaete beaches Agaete is one of the places of Gran Canaria with the greatest variety of beaches.

List of all the beaches in Agaete

Playa del Muelle, Agaete
Beach of el Muelle - Agaete

Puerto de las Nieves beaches

The popular Playa de las Nieves is a clean and crystal pebble beach located on the port, with a quiet and family-friendly atmosphere. Fresh fish can be savored at the fish restaurants nearby. El Muelle beach is situated to the left of the Agaete pier, sheltered from the wind, and a gathering spot for locals. It offers views of the Finger of God, a basaltic rock formation in the oldest geological area of Gran Canaria. Salinas natural volcanic pools provide a quiet spot for bathing, with a small rocky beach on the west side, but waves can be challenging at times.

East coast beaches​

This area is located between Agaete and Galdar​

Located in the eastern part of Agaete, there are two stunning beaches to visit. The first is Playa de la Caleta or Turmán, which can be accessed by following a path from the Turmán urbanization. After descending a flight of stairs into the gorge, you will find yourself on a small beach. A little further east, you will discover the beautiful El Juncal beach. This hidden gem offers crystal clear waters with no waves and fewer crowds (except on weekends). Don’t forget to bring your snorkeling gear as this is a prime spot for exploring underwater life.

El Juncal Beach
Beach of El Juncal - Agaete
Playa del Risco, Agaete
Beach of El Risco - Agaete

West area beaches​

This area is located on the direction to La Aldea​

The western region of Agaete is renowned for its wild and rugged natural environment, featuring high cliffs and remote beaches. Despite the challenges of accessing these secluded coves, the effort is well worth it. At the foot of the Guayedra ravine lie two hidden beaches: Sotavento and Guayedra. The latter can be reached by car or by a recommended 3km walk from Agaete, followed by a 10-minute trek on foot. Further west, the imposing Roque Faneque mountain looms over Faneroque Beach, which is only accessible during low tide from the beach, and entails a 30-minute hike. Finally, the easily accessible Playa del Risco, located in the Risco de Agaete neighborhood, is known for its strong waves and exposure to the elements.

Whether you’re in the mood for a peaceful escape or a lively beach day, our map has got you covered. Explore the stunning beaches of Agaete and find the perfect spot to soak up the sun, swim, or indulge in water sports. Plan your next beach adventure with ease and discover the beauty of Agaete!

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