Agaete The green and blue gem of the Canary Islands

Where is Agaete?


Agaete is located on the northwest coast of Gran Canaria. It is traditionally known for being a Canarian fishing village with a very popular seafood cuisine.

Agaete is located 36.2 kilometers from the island’s capital. It has an area of 45.5 km² and approximately 5,500 inhabitants. The climate is warm, arid, and dry, with an average annual temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. A large part of the municipality is included in the Tamadaba Natural Park, which is part of the Canarian Network of Protected Natural Spaces and the Natura 2000 Network as a Special Conservation Area “ZEC” and as a Special Protection Area for Birds “ZEPA.” It is also included within the Gran Canaria Biosphere Reserve.

There are three tourist attractions in Agaete: the town itself, El Puerto de las Nieves, and the Agaete Valley, which is the only place in Europe where coffee is grown.

Agaete has one of the best beaches and natural pools on the island. We are also a part of the Tamadaba Natural Park, which is a protected pine forest area with breathtaking cliffs overlooking the ocean and some of the best hiking routes on the island.

Map of Agaete
Agaete location - Northwest coast of Gran Canaria

Puerto de las Nieves, a fishers village

El Puerto de las Nieves is a neighborhood of Agaete. It maintains all its traditions as a fishing village, with all the houses painted white with blue doors and windows. It is a quiet place where you can enjoy good food, sunshine, and the sea.

If you want to eat something in El Puerto de las Nieves, you can find restaurants and tapas bars where you can try the traditional local fish, and you can also relax on the beaches and natural pools.

Agaete Valley, where the coffee grows

In the Agaete Valley, there are several plantations that produce oranges and tropical fruits such as papaya, guava, mango, and avocados. Additionally, there are coffee and wine plantations that you can visit where you can taste the wines and the precious coffee they grow themselves.


Others areas of Agaete

Within the municipality of Agaete, there are other towns like El Risco where you can find some quiet beaches that are reached after a short walk. You can also visit the popular Charco Azul, which is a small lake formed by a waterfall; visiting it is highly recommended.

Another area to visit is the Barranco de Guayedra, where there is a naturist beach called Playa de Guayedra that can also be reached after a short hike (3km). This beach is an alternative to the beaches of Agaete if you are looking for a little peace and relaxation. You can find other areas in the municipality of Agaete, such as Los Llanos, El Sao, or El Hornillo. If you like hiking, there are some routes in this area with incredible views.

El Risco de Agaete
Barrio del Risco, Agaete
La Rama de Agaete
La Rama festival - 4th of August


Agaete is also very popular in summer due to the celebration of the “La Rama” feast, which is one of the public celebrations held in honor of the Virgen de las Nieves of Agaete and has become a cultural reference in the Canary Islands.

In 1972, it was declared a National Tourist Interest. La Rama is a ritual in which thousands of dancers, accompanied by the music of one of the bands in the town, go in search of branches brought from Tamadaba pine forest. Then, they dance with these branches to the sanctuary of the Virgen de las Nieves in the harbor. The festive procession is headed by “papagüevos” or “cabezudos,” representing popular characters from Agaete.

Weather in Agaete

Agaete’s warm climate allows for year-round enjoyment of outdoor recreational activities. Its unique orientation ensures an average of 2,415 hours of sunshine per year, and rainfall is irregular and scarce.

We are accustomed to sunny days that we enjoy on the beach or in our natural pools. We have 90% sunny days, while in Las Palmas, it is just 62%. The average temperature in Agaete is between 21 and 27 degrees Celsius all year round.

Weather in Agaete​
Las Salinas natural pools
How to get Agaete
Villa de Agaete - The village

How to get to Agaete

Directions by Bus (Guagua)
From the airport, take bus or Guagua 60 towards Las Palmas, San Telmo station (“el Hoyo”). Once there, take Guagua number 103 towards Puerto de Las Nieves.

Driving Directions From the airport
Take the GC-1 motorway towards Las Palmas. About 30km later, before you have entered the city, without leaving the highway, you will see the “Agaete GC-2” indicator, which is locally known as the “carretera del norte” (north road). This road will lead you straight to Agaete.

By Ferry
If you’re in Tenerife, it will only take 80 minutes to reach Agaete. There are several ferries every day from Santa Cruz.

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