North of Gran Canaria gastronomy Cuisine and typical dishes from the North of Gran Canaria

North of Gran Canaria Gastronomy and typical products

The gastronomy of the North of Gran Canaria is defined by its most representative products, each locality has a “star” product, here you have a list with all of them.

Arucas rum

Arucas rum

The rum factory in Arucas is the largest and the oldest in Europe, and they organize guided tours with tastings of all its products. The most popular is the Ron Arehucas but also are well known Ron Honey and Rum Cream and Toffee, Coffee or Banana.

Firgas watercress

Firgas is also known for its Agua de Firgas spring, although gastronómicamente its most popular product are the “Berros” (watercress) and a popular dish is the “Potaje de Berros” (watercress soup) but also serves for other dishes like the watercress pie with tuna, omelet of watercress, but also is often served in salads.

Teror sausage

The chorizo de Teror is a cream that can be easily spreaded made from ground pork, garlic, spices, wine, paprika and salt. It is a very peculiar characteristic its reddish color due to the use of paprika. Of course it is not the right product for vegetarians and vegans. We recommend at least a few tapas of “chorizo de Teror” with a fresh “Tropical” beer (local beer of Gran Canaria).

Valleseco Cider

The cultivation of “reineta” apple in Valleseco is the base for the elaboration of the “Gran Valle Cider”. It is a cider of a great quality and completely natural, without additives. The expectation that has generated in the municipality the commercialization of this product has the support of the City council of Valleseco in the dynamization of the local product.

Gáldar Onion

The onion of Gáldar is one of the most recognized of those that are cultivated in the Canary Islands. The white onion is used for stews and the red one for salads although they are used for all kinds of dishes. The trick of cultivating this vegetable is the sun and the wind. It is very popular in Gáldar and in Gran Canaria and every year there is a party dedicated to the onion of Gáldar.

Café de Agaete

Agaete coffee

Agaete coffee is unique in Europe for its taste and quality, it is grown in the Agaete Valley it’s cultivated in a traditional way and its production is limited 4000KG / year . According to the experts the coffee of Agaete “It is of great quality. It has a good greenish-yellow color. It smells like green fruit. The resulting drink has a fruity and sweet taste reminiscent of chocolate or licorice. It is low acid.”

Moya Biscuits

The story says that these biscuits were discovered by chance when they mistakenly burned some biscuits and to solve the problem they decided to gloss again to cover the burned and to bake it again. The result is a cake that is baked twice, the first leaving the spongy cake and the second is covered with meringue to leave a dry cover.

Guía Cheese

Queso de Flor de Guía and Queso de Guía is a Protected Denomination of Origin and is made from Canarian sheep’s milk or from the mixture of this one with Canarian cow’s milk. They are of the greasy or semi-sweet type and their peculiarity consists in that the coagulation is obtained from a vegetal rennet obtained from the dried floral chapters of the thistle varieties “Cynara cardunculus var. Ferocísima “and” Cynara scolymus “.

Tomato from La Aldea

Each year millions of tons of tomato from La Aldea travel the ports to the markets of Europe. Locally this vegetable is consumed in many different forms but a very popular one is accompanied by a tender or semi-cured goat cheese with a little oil and salt.

Artenara potato bread

La Papa (potato) is an essential ingredient in Canarian cuisine. The Canary Islands was the first place to receive the potatoes arrived from America and quickly adapted its cultivation to all the islands. The ingredients of potato bread are: cooked potatoes, flour, yeast, water and salt.

Where to find them?

You can find these products in the restaurants of Agaete and of course in the tapas bars of Agaete, if you prefer to cook yourself you can find them in most of the supermarkets in Agaete.