Buceo Agaete – diving center

Av. de los Poetas 26

Buceo Agaete is a dive school located in El Puerto de las Nieves.

Situated in a superb location of white houses and blue sea, we boast a well equipped and comfortable diving center with the beach at the doorstep.
We specialize in formation, we work:
In very reduced groups
With equipment in perfect condition
And always guided by your own rhythm: you set the pace.




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  • S N
    S N
    9 months ago

    We did a baptism for my girlfriend and a normal dive for myself with Omar from Buceo Agaete. Omar was very patient, clear and friendly and put us at ease from the start. The equipment is great quality, the location of the dive shop easy to reach. Omar also did a video of us underwater, turned out great!! Definitely recommended :D

  • Tom
    2 months ago

    I took the PADI Open Water course some time ago and I was surprised how terrible the course in Agaete was, after seeing mostly positive reviews. Among all other things, the worst sin that it DOESN'T teach you all the required skills. The other people that did the course with me didn't even get the basic skill of staying buoyant. It's not their fault - they weren't given any feedback on that even when they asked about it. They didn't get an opportunity to practice it. How can you teach someone diving and not focus on this crucial part? I feel bad for them because they were easily tired because of that and really discouraged from such a beautiful thing as diving. Lack of proper feedback and no practicing on improving was a recurring theme. We never practiced some safety procedures that the theory course says we should have practiced, like losing weights in case of an emergency. We weren't even SHOWN a diving computer. We got certificates very very late and were told it's usually how it is - no it is not, normally people get it within a couple of days. Which caused some lost opportunities to dive while on the island. I had an opportunity to dive later somewhere east on the island, they were surprised how many important things I was not shown in my course here. What's more, it's more expensive than other places, yet had fewer dives (I think even fewer than normally required for PADI certification). Maybe that's why so many things were missing. I'm sure they're great divers. But not so good teachers. Perhaps the individual dives are better - I don't know, but this is NOT the place to learn diving. A smaller thing that I don't understand: people here post these beautiful pictures they were taken. We only got one picture taken, on the surface before the dive - and even this one picture was never sent to us, even though we asked and reminded. I just wish I had done it somewhere else. And I wish there was a better way to filter the reviews by the specific service people used, because maybe the average for people doing the certification is much lower (or they just don't do it here and come for something else).

  • Antonina Studniarek

    Really good experience! We were diving with Lucia, she took good care of the safety and briefed us well beforehand. The whole staff is friendly and professional. Totally recommend

  • Gabriella G
    Gabriella G
    5 years ago

    An amazing experience! Whether you are a beginner (like me) or experienced diver, this is a not-to-be-missed opportunity if you are in the area, even just for a few days. Miguel and the team are very professional, helpful and patient. They organize courses for all levels and certifications, providing the equipment and following all safety procedures. The bay is beautiful, and you get to see a lot of marine life. Highly recommended!

    5 years ago

    If you want to try and learn scuba diving these are the guys to go with. They are highly professional and with attention to details. Miguel was really patient and put the time and effort to make sure I learned properly and I became confident enough to be able to assemble my equipment and follow all safety procedures when going underwater. I highly recommend Buceo Agaete if you want to learn and you are visiting Gran Canaria for a few days. You get to swim in the bay and see lots of fish and sea creatures and the guys will make sure you have a great experience!!!

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