Cola de Dragón Agaete - Dragon's tail Agaete

The Dragon’s Tail is a stunning geological formation located in the west coast of Gran Canaria, in the municipality of Agaete. It is an impressive cliff formation that stretches out into the Atlantic Ocean, resembling the tail of a dragon. This natural monument is one of the most unique and emblematic landmarks of the island.

The Dragon’s Tail is the result of volcanic activity that took place millions of years ago. The volcanic rock formations that make up the cliff were shaped by the wind and sea, creating a series of rugged ridges and deep ravines that give the formation its distinct appearance.

To fully appreciate the Dragon’s Tail, visitors can take a scenic hike along the coast, it can be seen from different points of the coast such as Puerto de las Nieves and it is a true spectacle of nature. Although there is no specific place to visit it, some people do it from the Balcón viewpoint in La Aldea de San Nicolás.

Overall, the Dragon’s Tail is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Agaete, 





Google Reviews

5,193 reviews
  • Adam Jagiełło
    Adam Jagiełło
    a month ago

    Great place to watch the sun set, although the road GC200 is not for everyone and you'll be going back after sunset.

  • Boštjan Čolnik
    Boštjan Čolnik
    7 months ago

    Spectacular view of the landscape, where the ocean meets the land. Cities visible far away. A clever build platform makes you feel like flying. A few, but enough parking spaces and a small food and snacks truck for refreshments. Windy, but not too cold.

  • Julie Asenova
    Julie Asenova
    4 months ago

    cliff views, modern and clean glass balcon, easily reachable by CG-200 road, but not much space for parking

  • Séverin Astruc
    Séverin Astruc
    5 months ago

    View accessible directly in car with a parking on the site. Very beautiful view on the sea and Tenerife. There is a balcon where you walk above the sea and can take great photo. There is also explanation about the night sky view according to the season. Which is a plus if you come at night or in the evening.

  • Piotr Majewski
    Piotr Majewski
    2 months ago

    Stunning view of the coastline and Tenerife island.

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