It is accessed by the path that goes from San Pedro to Tamadaba, known as the Camino de los Romeros and it is a circular stone construction on a plain. It is a good place to take a break if our intention is to continue walking towards the Tamadaba pine forest. In that area there is also a set of pre-Hispanic caves that are difficult to access and that are in a state of abandonment.





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  • Kateryna
    a year ago

    Amazing place and view The only thing … there was a military helicopter practicing there

  • Cesar de Valenzuela

    Views and peace

  • Jutta Uhr
    Jutta Uhr
    3 weeks ago

    You can easily hike from Agaete to the Era de Berbique and back. First on the hiking trail in the barranco and then up the mountain. Everything is well signposted and nice to walk on a long afternoon. Great view, great hiking trail - I'm very satisfied. I also have a website with my experiences hiking in Agaete.

  • Pedro Soto
    Pedro Soto
    2 years ago

    Beautiful surroundings, an old threshing floor and an Aboriginal village that is dangerous to access, there have been accidents. To get in you have to take the royal road to San Pedro and it is advisable to access only the lower ones. Not accessing it from above, Roque Bermejo, is very dangerous.

  • Frank Vvk
    Frank Vvk
    3 years ago

    Beautiful village and nice for walking... the view is fantastic! Otherwise not much to do immediately, but that doesn't change the fact that it is cozy and pleasant!

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