It is located in the Plaza de San Sebastián in the “Los Pescadores” neighborhood of Agaete. It is a small Mudejar-style construction dating from the mid-16th century.




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  • Keith Holloway
    Keith Holloway
    2 years ago

    Quaint little ermita that's hidden away seems nobody comes to see . Probably because of the port come on folks make the effort.

  • Nike Lo digas
    Nike Lo digas
    2 years ago

    Place where I grew up as a child... endearing people... friendly... respectful... corner of the few left on the island where tranquility and respect is the hallmark of this neighborhood...

  • Wilma Torres
    Wilma Torres
    3 years ago

    This hermitage is more than 500 years old. It's small but beautiful.

  • Juan José Melián Morales
  • Toñin Sosa
    Toñin Sosa
    4 years ago

    Create me here

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