Huerto de Las Flores

Huertas, 12

The garden was founded in the late nineteenth century, originally the garden of the family De Armas. Later the family wanted to have a jadrín of exotic plants so every time someone of the family or friends traveled asked them to bring them seeds or cuttings from wherever they were. In this way they came to gather more than 100 species from all over the world, most of America although in the orchard are represented  plants and trees from over the 5 continents.

Huerto de las Flores

Address: Huertas, 12

Hours: Lunes a Viernes de 11h a 16h – Please call before visit

Phone: 928 554 382

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  • Laelia Milleri Photography

    Small but cute garden filled with beautiful plants. A bit of shade and scents on a sunny day. The opening days are unusual, it was closed on Sunday, so make sure you check before going. The lady you buy tickets from was lovely and she speaks English. There's bathroom but no parking outside, however there's a free carpark at the bottom of the street, just very busy on weekends.

  • Lynn Thomson
    Lynn Thomson
    a year ago

    While not big in area, the garden is beautiful. Full of birdsong, wind in the branches, the sound of running water and total tranquility. Huge examples of some common houseplants, and many interesting specimens. Take your time and enjoy the peace!

  • simon mitchelmore
    simon mitchelmore
    a month ago

    Enjoyed the experience. We were able to download the information about the trees which I liked to follow. I was amazed at the silk tree with all its thorns.

  • Dániel Deák
    Dániel Deák
    3 years ago

    Great place to visit on the northern site of the island. It's a lovely cosy place, with its own special atmosphere. There is a 1 euro fee for the entrance ticket which u can pay via card. There is also a free Parking lot, which is located in front of the entrance.

  • Stami Mourelatou
    Stami Mourelatou
    6 months ago

    Beautiful botanical garden with lots of flowers and plants!

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