Iglesia de la concepción

San José 3

It is located in the center of the town of Agaete next to the Constitution Square, its construction dates back to 1875 and was built in honor of the Immaculate Conception. It is one of the most characteristic buildings in Agaete and its reddish dome can be seen from almost all the high points of the town.





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  • Anthony B
    Anthony B
    4 years ago

    Charming old Church in the small town of Agate. It's relatively simple and has a warm aurora to it when you enter.

  • Sarah Bell
    Sarah Bell
    5 years ago

    Lovely building

  • Bence
    3 years ago


  • Iperona
    a year ago

    Parish built in 1875, following the style of other municipalities on the island. I like the outside of it more than the inside. In addition, I recommend a visit to Agaete, its port of Las Nieves and the archaeological site of Maipés.

  • Angel Herguedas
    Angel Herguedas
    3 months ago

    Very pretty and very well cared for, when you're outside it gives the feeling that it will be easier, but it's worth seeing, free access, at least the day we went

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