Las Salinas natural pools

Las salinas

The natural pools of Agaete popularly known by the name of “Las Salinas” are formed by three natural volcanic pools connected by submarine tunnels. They are protected from the waves especially at low tide and allow to observe some of the marine fauna of the area that enters the pools during the full tide.

It is a quiet place to spend the day, ideal for families with children as it allows the little ones to swim and have fun. They are easily accessible by walking from the Puerto de las Nieves but also have a direct access by the car.

Finding parking
Free parking
Cleanliness beach
Cleanliness water
Very clean
Beware high tides

Summer temperatures range from 26ºC to 28ºC, although they sometimes reach 30ºC. In winter, daytime temperatures range from 16ºC to 24ºC. The water temperature in summer is close to 23ºC and 19ºC in winter.





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  • Sheila Brooks
    Sheila Brooks
    3 months ago

    Stunning natural bathing pools that are really well used and difficult to get photos of without strangers in them. Water is crystal clear you can see the bottom rocks and gravel and its a beautiful turquoise colour. Steps down to some of the bigger pools and lots of people sunbathing. Plenty of colourful crabs around on the rocks. Lots of big waves on the rugged coastline with cliffs in the distance and mountains behind and pretty coloured flowers. Their is a cafe/bar and toilets and plenty of carparking nearby.

  • Mehri Avlyakulova
    Mehri Avlyakulova
    5 months ago

    Because of the strong storm, there was a red flag and it was prohibited to swim when we were there. But we still did enjoy watching the waves crashing on the rocky coast. A very picturesque scenery. We will definitely come to check out the pools in action.

  • Zdislav Doleček
    Zdislav Doleček
    a month ago

    Short beach with possibility to take a bath. I don't know 😕 there were better places to visit. Fir example hills behind the ocean. But for a quick tour? Perfect.

  • Iryna V
    Iryna V
    a year ago

    Beautiful!! Bit cloudy but it was amazing. Perfect waves but didn't reach the little swimming areas. Rocky, no sand, so make sure you have suitable footwear, especially going into the water as it is slippy.

  • Cecilia Moberg
    Cecilia Moberg
    6 months ago

    Really cool plays - natural pools with fresh water from the ocean. Not very easy to park. But there is a bar close to the pools, for food and drinks.

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