Las Salinas natural pools

Las salinas

The natural pools of Agaete popularly known by the name of “Las Salinas” are formed by three natural volcanic pools connected by submarine tunnels. They are protected from the waves especially at low tide and allow to observe some of the marine fauna of the area that enters the pools during the full tide.

It is a quiet place to spend the day, ideal for families with children as it allows the little ones to swim and have fun. They are easily accessible by walking from the Puerto de las Nieves but also have a direct access by the car.

Finding parking
Free parking
Cleanliness beach
Cleanliness water
Very clean
Beware high tides

Summer temperatures range from 26ºC to 28ºC, although they sometimes reach 30ºC. In winter, daytime temperatures range from 16ºC to 24ºC. The water temperature in summer is close to 23ºC and 19ºC in winter.





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  • Alison Young
    Alison Young
    a month ago

    What a fab find, I just loved this place! Turn off down a tiny unmade road off the roundabout and then take it steady on the bumpy track until you see the end and you can park up. There's toilets, a friendly snack bar and lots of pools to swim in. I enjoyed wandering around watching the big red crabs clinging to the rocky edges and the waves spraying over the pools. This is so much better than rows upon rows of sun loungers. And it's all free!

  • BB
    a week ago

    Great series of natural ocean pools. Water slightly warmer than open ocean. Pools situated overlooking ocean alongside beautiful cliffside. Free public washrooms but bring toilet paper. Family friendly excursion, though road leading down to water a little rocky and rough. There’s a bar but it was closed when we went. Some people snorkelling, water very clear to rocky bottom but not too many fish. Bring something comfortable to sit on, rocks quite jagged. Water sandals would be helpful here.

  • sergiusz pawlowski
    sergiusz pawlowski
    4 months ago

    Three wonderful natural pools sheltered from the open sea resemble a castle due to their special concrete tanks decorated like fortress battlements, which further weaken the wave attacks. Connected by volcanic tunnels, these ponds have everything to enjoy relaxing family swims and stunning views of the cliffs of the northwest coast.

  • Richard M
    Richard M
    2 months ago

    Agaete's natural pools – where tranquility meets the symphony of screeching seagulls and the triumphant shouts of self-proclaimed beach overlords. Forget the soothing lull of ocean waves; here, the decibel level rivals a rock concert. It's as if the instruction manual for beach etiquette got lost in translation, and everyone decided that volume control was just an ancient myth. You'd think they handed out megaphones at the entrance. "Hey, nature, mind if we crank up the human volume to 11?" As I attempted to commune with the serenity of the tide, it was like sharing the water with a cast of wannabe movie stars auditioning for a remake of "Baywatch: The Boisterous Edition." Forget mindfulness; these beachgoers were on a mission to break the sound barrier. But fear not, dear reader, for amidst the cacophony, I found solace in the fact that I wasn't alone in my quest for the elusive beach whisperers. Perhaps one day, they'll introduce a "Silent Sunbather Award" for those of us who dare to dream of a beach day without the auditory onslaught of amateur ocean narrators. So, pack your earplugs, a sense of humor, and a splash of irony, and dive into Agaete's natural pools. It's a unique experience where the volume knob goes up, and the self-awareness goes, well, who knows where?

  • Villo Verdecker
    Villo Verdecker
    2 weeks ago

    Awesome place 😎 really 😎 you can relax and enjoy the sunshine here👌🙏

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