La Rama is the central act of the festivities of the Virgen de Las Nieves, in the town of Agaete. The museum of La Rama is a space to see, understand and enjoy the essence of the festival, any day of the year. The museum shows the different elements involved in the celebration. From the papagüevos, to the different decoration elements on holidays, such as streetlights, branches, etc…





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  • Alexis Ramos
    Alexis Ramos
    11 months ago

    We have visited Agaete for a school project that my daughter had to do and it has exceeded our expectations, both the Huerto de las Flores and the Museo de la Rama, in particular the Museo de La Rama is fantastic and much more with the guided tour that His employee Dani, a charming boy who tells you all the history of La Rama and the festivities from the inside, made us. The model made with Playmobil of La Rama is very nice. It is important to book the visit in advance at the office in the Huerto de las Flores.

  • Ism Gon
    Ism Gon
    a month ago

    I want the Agaete Branch Museum to reopen.

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