Pharmacy María Esther Arencibia Artiles

Concepción, 9
This pharmacy is located in the center of the town of Agaete. You can find all the usual services of pharmacies.





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  • æ
    3 years ago

    Has a night counter for emergency prescriptions. (Ring the bell on the left of the building.) Pharmacist does only speak Spanish, but tries to be helpful. Did call the other pharmacy with a night counter in the area (in Las Nieves) to ask if a specific antibiotic was available (it wasn't). Medic at the Agaete Health centre wasn't happy about both pharmacies, but pharmacist mentioned the prescribed antibiotic was out of production since four years. Do not know who is responsible, but we had to go back and get another prescription. At least the pharmacist was very friendly, contrary to the medic.

  • Jorge Diaz
    Jorge Diaz
    3 months ago

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  • Juan Marcos Suárez Moreno 3A

    Great service, the pills did me very well and cured my great pain. Beniju uploaded a video recently, so you can go see it

  • Jota Beldi
    Jota Beldi
    a year ago

    Friendly and close treatment. If they do not have what you are looking for (rarely), they send it to order and you usually have it in the afternoon or the next day.

  • Carlos auslander alamo

    Excellent pharmacy with 6 professionals like the Copa de un pino who go out of their way to get you your prescribed medication at your Health Center and if they don't have it in stock and they have it from clients who have left it at the end of the treatment and they give it to you left over until they have it again and sell it to you...

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