La Cabaña , Pizzeria and tapas

C. Dolores Cabrera Suárez 10

The atmosphere is local and they have the typical tapas, hamburgers and pizzas.




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  • Vincent Uljé
    Vincent Uljé
    a year ago

    Good food for a low price, very friendly personel and a local atmosphere. The photo is a chicken sandwich with fries for €3,80

  • Steve Provis
    Steve Provis
    3 years ago

    Great pizzas and excellent hosted, nothing is too much when it comes to service.

  • Bernhard Ma
    Bernhard Ma
    5 years ago

    Came here because of the 5-star ratings and was disappointed. Perhaps the ratings are fakes. The pizza was eatable but from lower quality. Smaller than usual. The place (and the pizzas) is more like a delivery service with some tables to sit down than a pizzaria. IMHO an ok service and an ok price is no reason for 5-stars rating.

  • Michal Dobiezynski

    Amazing food, very nice and pleasant service. Fast, convenient and good price. Best food place in town.

  • Søren Layolle
    Søren Layolle
    5 years ago

    Good pizza, good service, Clean and really cheap!

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