El Puerto De Laguete restaurant has an extensive menu with fish and paella as main dishes.




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  • Alfred Saalo
    Alfred Saalo
    a year ago

    We ordered the menu for 10€ which includes a starter, a main dish, a drink and dessert or coffee. The grilled fish was perfectly cooked and I enjoyed the dessert too. I highly reccomend this restaurant as they have great service and good food for an unmatchable price

  • Robin Michael Hurley

    Ten Euro meal:We had something to eat when the place was quiet at 7:00 pm on Saturday. Today it is closed at 9:30 pm. (Clocks change).This is our last full day, and my partner was in a very good mood. I noticed that the French couple on the adjoining table went a la carte, and they had a much more interesting meal.Personally I did not particularly like the canary stew or fish soup. However my partner liked her grilled sardines, and my fried breaded fish was acceptable.I also enjoyed the chilled red wine.What was really exceptional and unusual was the view from the window?

  • Juan Antonio Granda Ochoa

    Looks like one of the few places in the area which is not a tourist trap. Plenty of locals enjoying lunch. Charming and authentic. Simple, honest and good food.

  • Andy Brian
    Andy Brian
    3 years ago

    Great value fish soup and fish platter! Highly recommended.

  • Ari V
    Ari V
    a year ago

    Quick service, offers paella by plate in addition to buying a whole pan so good for solo travellers or groups with different tastes. Poor vegetarian options though.

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