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Agaete: winter or summer?

Agaete: winter or summer?

That is a very good question and it is also difficult to answer, we are better going to explain the differences between spending the holidays in winter or summer in Agaete so that you can decide.

The climate is good throughout the year, although in summer it is logically hotter, winter in the Canary Islands enjoys a temperate climate. Many tourists are frequent visitors to the Canary Islands during the winter, however during the summer months the most frequent tourist is the peninsular (Spanish).

Playa de las Nieves, Agaete
Summer day in Agaete - El Puerto de las Nieves - Playa de las Nieves

Summer time in Agaete

Summer is the time preferred by locals, many of them have vacations and also local festivals are celebrated, so in these months Agaete has high occupancy. Many families who have a house in Agaete but do not usually use it in winter come to town and prepare for “Las Fiestas de las Nieves”.

The festivities begin at the end of July and end the last week of August with the BioAgaete festival. The main festival is the Fiesta de la Rama, which is celebrated on August 4 and in which some 50,000 people come to Agaete to dance to the rhythm of La Rama.

During these summer months, foreign tourists are very few, since they mainly come in winter, attracted by the mild climate of Agaete.

La Rama de Agaete
Fiesta de la Rama - Agaete

Winter time in Agaete

The local people of Gran Canaria often say that the real summer begins in September and in a way it is. In September the trade winds diminish and the sky turns an intense blue, during the months of October and especially November it can rain a little in Agaete and it is incredible to see how the mountains of Tamadaba that in summer have a brownish appearance turn electric green in few days. The temperatures drop a bit and make the environment more conducive to walking the trails.

The occupation in Agaete during the winter is also usually high, although if you organize your trip in advance you will be able to find accommodation without any problem. The atmosphere is generally quieter than in summer and you can enjoy the beach most days.

In winter there are also parties and celebrations in Agaete, although the most popular for tourists are the carnivals that are usually celebrated between the end of February and the beginning of March.

Playa de Guayedra, Agaete
Winter in Agaete - Gran Canaria

So which one is better?

As we said before, it is a difficult question to answer since it will depend on the preferences of each person, but now that you have seen the different vibes of each season, you will be able to choose better.

Although the summary would be: If you want a more local experience and enjoy all the “Fiestas de las Nieves” you definitely have to come in summer. If you prefer to be calmer, enjoy the trails and the green of the mountains, then your best time is winter.

Whichever you choose, we are sure that you will enjoy this small fishing village.

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