La Caleta Beach

Playa La Caleta

This beach is located in El Turmán area, very close to the natural pools of Las Salinas, although to reach them you have to walk to the mound located further east and then descend to the beach. La Caleta beach is located at the end of a small ravine, to descend to it there are some stairs.

La Caleta beach is made up of rocks and there are several flat areas where you can sit, this beach is a natural volcanic formation that protects the beach itself from the waves.

The best conditions are always at low tide, rising tide or high tide as long as there are not many waves. With big waves and high tide the water can cross the natural barrier. You have to be extremely careful when the tide is going out as all the water in the small bay leaves the beach through a single channel and the currents could be strong in that area.

Even so, it is a quiet place frequented mostly by locals who want to relax and enjoy a quiet swim. In the eastern part of La Caleta beach there is a small path towards a nudist area.

Finding parking
Free parking
Cleanliness beach
Very clean
Cleanliness water
Very clean
Beware of currents

Summer temperatures range from 26ºC to 28ºC, although they sometimes reach 30ºC. In winter, daytime temperatures range from 16ºC to 24ºC. The water temperature in summer is close to 23ºC and 19ºC in winter.

How to get to la Caleta Beach in Agaete?

To get to La Caleta beach from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria we must drive along the GC2 road in the direction of Agaete. Once in Agaete we take the first roundabout in the direction of El Turmán and at the next roundabout we will see a small parking lot, we can park there or continue along the dirt road until the end.

Check the map bellow to get direction to La Caleta beach in Agaete




Google Reviews

106 reviews
  • Masha Balganova
    Masha Balganova
    3 years ago

    A hidden gem, which we discovered by chance. It's the most beautiful place in Gran Canaria to my opinion after two months living here. Breathtaking and possible to sunbath or swim but be careful when the waves are big it's dangerous

  • Bogna Andrzejewska

    Stunning views at all coast line from Perto de las Nieves. Great sunsets and natural pool in the ocean

  • Franca Lo Giudice
    Franca Lo Giudice
    5 months ago

    VN spot. 1 star less because the administration of GC could and should do more to secure the stairs to get down to la playa. They don’t need to make it look bling-bling, like they like to do it, bist just safer for drunken Brits, etc.

  • Izabela Gudel
    Izabela Gudel
    11 months ago

    Nice, picturesque place. Many steps down means many steps up ;) it’s good to remember :). To swim it’s good to check the tides’ time

  • Max Poth
    Max Poth
    2 months ago

    Not suitable for swimming but nice to walk around and its suitable for Camping with beautiful views over the cliff

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